Local Galaxy Service


What is Galaxy?

Galaxy is a web interface that allows users to run many tools on their data through an easy to use interface.

We host a local installation of Galaxy, only accessible inside the IGC network. Do not confuse this with the public Galaxy server.

Tools available in our local Galaxy

Our local installation includes a limited set of tools and workflows that is of particular interest for the needs of researchers at IGC.

We also host an older local installation of Galaxy containing many tools not yet in the newer version.

The tools most commonly use in the old galaxy will be transitioned to the new galaxy (with updates when relevant).

We recommend people to use the new galaxy whenever possible.

Let us know if you would like to use tools that are not yet in our local Galaxy: email us or create a Bioinformatics helpdesk ticket.

Login in our local Galaxy

To login into the local installation, you just need to use your IGC credentials (the same you use for the intranet).

Note that on your first login you need to use your email address as login: igcuser@igc.gulbenkian.pt.

On the following accesses your username (igcuser) or email address can be used interchangebly.

Upload of large files via FTP

To upload large files (>2Gb, although we recommend for files >1Gb), you need to upload files via FTP.

For this, you can transfer using conventional FTP software such as Filezilla. Login using:

  • Host: sftp://galaxy2.igc.gulbenkian.pt
  • Port: 21 (should be the one by default in most softwares)
  • User and password are the same ones you use to login to Galaxy.

         For the FTP, always use your full email address, i.e. igcuser@igc.gulbenkian.pt

On the Galaxy upload window, click the Choose FTP file button and the files you uploaded should be available.


The galaxy community contains many tutorials available.

The local galaxy itself provides a help menu, including interactive tours.

The UBI will provide short Galaxy Sessions, including custom tutorials that will be made available here.


  • Galaxy data is not backed up. Keep your own data backed up and download results as soon as possible.
  • Resources are scarce. Please delete your old data when you no longer need it.